Seebingers natural body care is a small company out of New Mexico. Their all natural hemp based lotions are sure to be soothing to any and all skin types.  Scents ranging from Lavender and Lemongrass to Unscented.​​

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Medical Cannabis
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Rules & Regulations
The state laws surrounding cannabis are constantly changing, check here to make sure you have everything up to date.

Nutiva Hemp seeds are a wonderful nutritional supplement high in Omegas, EFLs and Protein. Perfect for any and all diets including Celiac, Vegan or for those with food allergies. Bags range in size from 1oz to 5LB.


Hemp & Holistic Health Products

Earth Divas
Earth Divas is an artisan clothing company whose philanthropic goals are to give women of Nepal not only income for their families by producing their beautiful handmade bags, but also a chance to support their impoverished communities. Beautiful designs and craftsmanship for a good cause!​
Earthly Body
Earthly Body products are as luxurious in feel as they are in smell. Providing products from lotion to soaps and hair care to lip balms and candles! Their all natural hemp based products come in a myriad of scents; including but not limited to, Nag Champa, Lavender, Skinny Dip, Moroccan Nights, Orange Dreamsicle and more!
Why Hemp?
Containing no THC, Hemp's uses range from renewable materials to nutritional supplements and everything in between.

We carry several different companies as well as varieties of CBD Products.

Green Roads Tincture is whole plant base formulation that comes in 100mg, 250mg and 550mg. There are also a variety of edibles.

HempLucid Tincture is a terpene based formulation and come in 500mg. We also carry 500mg Vape liquid. Grams of CBD Wax are also available.

IPuff Cartridges allow for simple vaping and come in 250mg and 500mg. There are also total kits with battery and cartridges, great starter kit!

Circe Botanicals provides topical solutions. Our most popular is the Triple Relief Salve which targets joints and nerves. The Serenity Lotion is formulated for muscles and tendons, used in conjunction with the Triple Relief and the pain totally melts away. The Rain Drop Lotion provides an overall comforting relief for the skin ailments. And finally the Banish & Soothe salve target more harsh skin ailments like symptoms from eczema and psoriasis.

CBD Products

Way Out Wax
Way Out Wax is an eco-friendly, artisan company out of Vermont specializing in craft candles and air fresheners.  They steer clear of toxins and dyes and rely on natural botanicals to create their amazing products. Their many products boast beautiful scents for everyone’s taste.

Dope on a Rope Soap
As the name implies these hemp based soaps are not only amazing in feel and scent but they’re fun to have. Offering scents like “Blue Dream” “Northern Lights” and Acapulco Gold” they ar available in weed leaf shapes and others.

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Holistic Health
Tired of prescriptions? Find total wellness the natural way!

Hempy’s clothing offers hats and accessories that are not only stylish but sustainable. Everything from beanies to belts and more

​​Hempy’s clothing offers hats and accessories that are not only stylish but sustainable. Everything from beanies to belts and more