Recent studies have been conducted to determine the vast medicinal uses of Cannabis. Worldwide Cannabis is known for treating or relieving symptoms related to chemotherapy, AIDS or HIV, Hepatitis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, COPD, asthma, depression, bipolar disorder, ADD and ADHD,  severe pain from MS, arthritis, migraines and several other medical conditions. In some countries including the US prior to 1937, synthetic cannabinoids (THC component) are available by prescription or over the counter for treatment of numerous medical conditions.

    The Hemp Center is committed to our patients and we provide a vast array of cannabis. Through consulting we can establish a customized treatment program for individual needs. Generally, all cannabis contains properties that help with nausea and appetite stimulation but there are specifics when determining how cannabis should be used in treatment. At the Hemp Center we are knowledgeable and are committed to each patient for all their needs. With some basic information we can determine the course of treatment for each patient. Cannabis that contains more Indica is best for treating severe pain, insomnia, muscle spasms, and tremors. The effects of Indica are more sedative, promote calm, serenity and has more effect on the body. This is usually used later in the day or at bedtime. Cannabis that is mainly Sativa is used for treating migraines, relieving depression, ADD or ADHD, and severe pain. Effects of Sativa are consistent with a more cerebral undertone anti-anxiety and acts like a stimulant. This is used more during the day for functionality. Some medicine is more of 50-50 mix and can be used to promote both effects of Sativa and Indica.

    Delivery methods vary from patient to patient. Vaporizing can provide the THC without the carcinogens. Edibles, of which we carry a wide variety, are usually the best treatment for severe pain and other body aliments. The edibles have an increased potency (compared to other delivery methods) and have a more consistent, long lasting effect. Tinctures are an alternative method of dosing through drops, these require a smaller dose with the same level of relief.  We also have topical solutions like rubs, oils, and salves.


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