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Why Hemp?
Containing no THC, Hemp's uses range from renewable materials to nutritional supplements and everything in between.

Holistic Health
Tired of prescriptions? Find total wellness the natural way!

Rules & Regulations
The state laws surrounding cannabis are constantly changing, check here to make sure you have everything up to date.

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Our Mission at The Hemp Center is to provide information and products to help better inform people about not only the benefits of cannabis but also the versatility, sustainability and positive uses of Hemp based products. Cannabis, which shares the same gene family as Hemp, helps in treating a wide variety of medical conditions, while Hemp's nutritional value is matched only by its industrial uses. We not only carry a large selection of high quality cannabis products for the treatment of medical ailments; but also a variety of herbs and hemp products to help enrich every day life. Our knowledgable, caring staff are well versed in the many uses of our products and are available to assist anyone with building the most efficient and comprehensive treatment plan based on individual need.
We strive to stand out within our community as an information center for the promotion of hemp and cannabis. A healthy lifestyle is within everyone’s reach and here at The Hemp Center our goal is to provide not only options but advice to achieve that goal. We offer a safe, comfortable environment for people to shop and educate themselves.


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Medical Cannabis
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